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“We are Thinkers and we are Makers, it will be a real pleasure to be able to design with you a new economic development model for your SME”

Most web agencies have a hard time selling themselves, and do not have the ability to sell your products and/or services, as they do not consider it to be their job. So why invest your time with them?

Today the creation of a website is within the reach of all those who know how to invest first of all in training and knowledge!

Furthermore, we strongly believe that every company must be able to manage WEB communication within its organisation, as it is a strategic and constantly evolving activity, which requires constant adaptation to the needs and demands of its reference market.

In these years, what we support has been demonstrated by the continuously growing and strategic value that Digital Marketing activities have acquired today for the economic development of every company, particularly SMEs, artisans, designers and creatives. All of this becomes more apparent in our constantly evolving economy that requires highly flexible and dynamic digital tools that can adapt daily and ensure communication with their own "Live" channel.

First reality: What is a website?

Most people wrongly think that a website is code and programming, a static page that explains or presents a service, product, people or events.

Second reality: What do users want?

Most users browse for information to satisfy their needs or solve their problems.They are confident in their ability to find information on search engines.

Third reality: The price.

If you want a sales tool that allows you to return the investment without the risk of losing money, then the most simple economical and specific solution to get results is an effective landing page.

How to acquire customers?

In this video I will explain how you need to set up a project to acquire online customers, thanks to the web, its extraordinary digital tools, your strategy, our creativity and design method of your new economic development, at a sustainable cost.

Attention, when you ask for a website quote this process is almost never included, ask for it.

Watch the video and tell me ... Can you still give up these opportunities? To do without?

Perfect First Mobile Websites on any device

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With us you can count on:

  • Marketing Consulting

    We are thinkers & makers and we don't sell features but results.

    Our job is not to create a simple website but rather an effective communication project, capable of achieving concrete results.

    Your users are looking for a quick answer to their problems and your website will sell your solutions in the best way.

    • Consultancy with our specialists in your preferred language
    • You will be positioned for useful keywords
    • We will study ad hoc offers
    • Effective Landing Page included
    • You will have access to advanced
  • Huge experience in CMS

    Is Joomla or Wordpress better? It depends. Together we will evaluate the CMS most suited to the project because there is no better product and it always depends on your goals.

    Our teams have been using Joomla and Wordpress for many important years and we have developed specific exclusive packages for SEO and Security.

    • It will be easy to update
    • It will have a clear and clean design
    • It will be perfect on tablets and mobile phones
    • It will be well positioned on Google
    • It will be safe and stable
  • Activities on Social Networks

    Is Facebook so important? What is Google my business and what is it used for? How can you take advantage of Google maps?

    Everything is important but today we need to optimize the budget and this will guide you through the Social Networks most functional to your target.

    • You will have a Digital Coach at your disposal
    • You will have perfect company profiles
    • You will be present on Google Maps
    • Optimised Sharing Buttons
    • You will exploit strategies to have Like

Did you chose? Let's start start then!
If you are ready to begin write us or call: +41 78 885 34 98 


  • Winning E-commerce

    It involves the creation of an E-commerce optimised for sales and that is easy to manage.

    Unlike many other agencies that only offer the technical tools (the programming or installation of a CMS) and graphic customization, our job is to create e-commerce that sells and gets results.

    For this reason, we will take care of marketing alongside you, optimize your product data sheets, optimize conversions and support you to make your e-commerce more profitable.

    You will get the first sales after 55-60 days.
    Contact us and let's talk about your Winning E-commerce
  • Effective Landing Page

    A landing page is a fundamental tool for every online campaign, the one that determines the likelihood that a user visiting your site contacts you (to request a quote or buy) and then turn into a customer. We do not develop websites without goals, but we can help you understand what you can get from the web and put the odds of success on your side.

    Through your Landing Page, you can best promote your offer by creating a sustainable process to acquire customers online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Being made on vertical themes and with specific optimizations, our landing pages also tend to get good positioning on Google (you've found us there, right?).

    You will get the first contacts after 35-40 days.
    Contact us and let's talk about your Winning E-commerce

    Who are we? We are a company specialized in the development of new businesses and in the creation of digital tools in order to improve the economic development of SMEs. Our mission is to help small and medium enterprises to get more results from the web through effective communication at competitive prices, optimizing the budget on really important activities

    Akacha Ltd was founded by Karla Chacon and over time has expanded to include the best professionals in the field of economic development with digital tools and design on the web. For more information, news or updates,

    please visit www.akacha.ch or contact us +41788853498 email: vincent@akacha.org