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Language of the lesson: Italian, English, German Price: CHF 250.- Lesson duration: 3,5h By purchasing the course you will be able to immediately view the course purchased in On Demand mode (video recording). The Web Reputation & Social Media Monitoring course responds to the need of companies and professionals to understand the rules on online reputation and to give the basic principles for a correct social listening strategy. The web reputation is the result of the analysis of what is published on the internet and of what is said about you. In the business world, customers on the internet determine whether to appreciate your company or your brand, today they have the opportunity to talk about you, write reviews and create a word of mouth mechanism such that you must be able to decide whether to feed it or terminate it, implementing new digital marketing strategies. To be able to decide, you need to know the basics of reputation management with social monitoring tools. Having the knowledge of all the tools to measure online reputation means understanding, in real time, whether digital marketing and online communication activities are performing well and, if not, intervening with corrective actions. In the current panorama, our main business card is offered by the web. Knowing how to manage and maintain your corporate reputation on the Web has now become essential! Today's client, having many means at his disposal, is always more informed, up-to-date, chooses on the net, communicates his experiences, is a participant and wants to enter into a relationship with the company. For operators in the sector, therefore, building their online reputation effectively and consistently is essential. The management of digital reputation is today bound to a correct use of social networks, through which users interact by spreading their ideas and sharing their experience regarding companies and brands. The courses can be followed in Workshop format at your company. Price definition on request and based on the number of participants.

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