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By purchasing the course you will be able to immediately view the course purchased in On Demand mode (video recording). The Email Marketing Course is a guide to Email Marketing with all the best practices and tips for planning an effective Email Marketing Campaign. Participants will be given the opportunity during the training course to use a free account of an email marketing platform on which they can try to create emails, campaigns, lists, reports. The first session of the email marketing course includes an introduction to Direct Email Marketing, clarifications on the basic concepts such as Transactional Email and Triggered Email, how to create Email advertising, how to build an effective Email template, NewsLetter examples, Info mail, what is Spam , how to define the target. The second session of the email marketing course talks about how to create quality mailing lists, data base maintenance, how to monitor outgoing emails, delivered emails and open emails, measuring the interest aroused by the Email Marketing campaign, measuring the result, the Email test, the calculation of the ROI of an Email Marketing Campaign. Both modules include examples of Email Marketing and successful Case History. The courses can be followed in Workshop format at your company. Price definition on request and based on the number of participants.

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