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By purchasing the course you will be able to immediately view the course purchased in On Demand mode (video recording). Mobile Marketing is a market in strong expansion and in continuous technological evolution. From here, the need for a Mobile Marketing Course able to clarify the opportunities of Mobile Marketing but also to guide, who aspires to become Mobile Marketing Manager, to discover the less known and more technical aspects of Digital Mobile Marketing. While on the one hand the rapid growth of users of mobile devices opens up great possibilities of communication on these channels also at the level of Digital Mobile Adv, the Mobile Marketing market requires high-profile technical skills and the ability to frame a good Mobile Strategy all inside a broader Web Marketing Strategy. The Mobile Marketing Course is therefore not a pure Mobile Apps Marketing Course. We will talk about this market in a complete way, app, web and more. You will understand what the actors are, what it means to do Digital Mobile Marketing at a technical level (through mobile marketing tools and mobile marketing software), but also what are the basic elements of a good Mobile Strategy and how to set up a Mobile Marketing Plan. You will know the alternatives available for a mobile friendly site (be it a mobile site or an m-site, a responsive site or an adaptive site), you will discover when to opt for a mobile site or an app, you will learn about the different ways of interacting and engaging with the consumers (in-app messages, push notification geolocation app systems and in general of Local Mobile Marketing) and, again, you will understand the importance of mobile marketing analytics (including analytics app). In short, you'll learn to take full advantage of the world of digital mobile marketing by taking advantage of the way mobile device use has influenced our customer journey. The courses can be followed in Workshop format at your company. Price definition on request and based on the number of participants.

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