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By purchasing the course you will be able to immediately view the course purchased in On Demand mode (video recording). Why an Inbound Marketing Course or a Funnel Marketing Course? Because inbound marketing is a new marketing approach, an integral part of a good Web Marketing Strategy, thanks to which potential customers enter a funnel, they are attracted to us instead of being interrupted while they are doing something else. The idea of pull marketing strategy as opposed to a push-type strategy, typical of traditional advertising can be overcome thanks to the use of technology and consumer psychology. Doing Inbound Marketing means knowing how to propose to a precise and limited target content of your interest, in the right moment, in the right place (marketing channel) in order to attract it to a funnel and then convert it into new customers. The "Lead Generation", as a phase of the Inbound Marketing process, has the task of generating new master data (inbound leads) that could be / become potential customers (prospects). In this course you will understand what are the factors to be taken into consideration to field a good Inbound Marketing Strategy, how to set up an Inbound Marketing Plan and an effective Funnel Marketing. The courses can be followed in Workshop format at your company. Price definition on request and based on the number of participants.

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