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By purchasing the course you will be able to immediately view the course purchased in On Demand mode (video recording). In the course of e-commerce strategies (Strategies & Management) we will start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce to give directions on how to open an e-commerce and the first tips to sell online. To create a successful e-commerce it is first necessary to understand how internet commerce works, what are the channels to sell online, what e-commerce manager should focus on, what is the e-commerce legislation, what are the solutions of e-commerce software and CMS for e-commerce, how to manage shipments, the warehouse and customer service. After guiding us to the discovery of these concepts, the course will help us to understand how each of the analyzed elements flows into many possible ecommerce strategies: it will also allow us to understand the advantages and disadvantages, feasibility or otherwise, depending on our market, of the our product and our budget. This course is a module of the E-commerce Master. The courses can be followed in Workshop format at your company. Price definition on request and based on the number of participants.

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